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After I buy the course, do you have equipment & starter kits?

YES! SunnaTan has all equipment, professional products & accessories at industry standard wholesale pricing. After you purchase the course, you’ll have immediate access to our wholesale store. We have multiple starter package optios available.

What is the cost of products to do the service? And how much money can I make?

With the SunnaTan process & client experience that we teach you (this is what makes us different and makes your clients coming back for more!) there are a mix of products used, including our signature solution, natural & organic balms, luxury lotions, shimmery after tan powder & more! Our SunnaTan spray tan artists typically find it costs them on average $10 to do a tan. If you charge $50 per tan, you are profiting $40 in a 20–30-minute appointment.

Is this too hard to learn online?

When we first started over 10 years ago, spray tanning was hard to learn because there were no reputable trainings available. But nothing stops a woman on a mission! There was a lot of trial & error over the years to perfect our process. As most trainers do, we learned the most from our students! We developed our 5 star online training program after training thousands of spray tan artists. We know the exact questions to answer & common pitfalls to avoid. Our online training was put to the test last spring when we moved our training exclusively online. To our surprise, our trainees absorbed & learned more than in person training! What used to take our students weeks to learn can now easily be learned in less than 2 days.

But isn't spray tanning super messy?

While spray tanning can have a bad wrap for being messy, staining & smelling up your space; you haven’t experienced the difference with SunnaTan! All natural ingredients and bronzers make clean up a breeze. All you need is warm water & mild soap. Because our formulation doesn’t have dyes, it doesn’t stain! And because our professional solutions are fragrance free (scented naturally with vanilla fruit water), after doing back to back clients, you won’t have to worry about lingering fragrance for your scent sensitive customers. We’ll also teach you how to reduce overspray with our tried and tested insider tips & tricks.

Is there a real demand for spray tanning?

The sunless tanning industry is booming! Who doesn’t love glowing skin! Every Insta worthy photo NEEDS a spray tan. Spray tanning is the new must have beauty essential for any skin loving, health conscious person.Pinterest announced the 2021 trend of the year as Skinimalism. Natural, glowing skin is in. Nothing camouflages imperfections like a spray tan. If your clients are obsessed with clean beauty and looking naturally radiant, they will be lining up for your SunnaTan spray tans. Give your clients what they want - to look effortless, even when it’s not.